How do you start a multi-million dollar business with only lint in your pocket?

Bijoy Goswami can tell you.  Goswami has been working and researching for years in the areas of bootstrapping businesses and working with other collaborators for the greatest good.  He has since been profiled in BusinessWeekUS NewsEntrepreneur Magazine, and Information Week, and has some pretty “big deal” clients and speaking engagements that keep him plenty busy.  He recently sat down with me (Benjy, The SmallBizElevator “Operator”) to chat about the secret to getting a business off the ground, and the serendipitous process of actually creating that business along the journey.

In our conversation, Bijoy and I cover:

  • The differences among “craft” businesses, angel-funded startups, and bootstrapping…and which one is right for each personality.
  • How Southwest Airlines probably wouldn’t be one of the #1 airlines in the world today if they hadn’t bootstrapped through lawsuits, plane acquisition, and passenger handling.
  • How your business can see short and long-term benefits by being open to what you didn’t originally anticipate.
  • What the heck “bootstrapping” actually means, and where the term originated.

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