There are times when we all feel like something is holding us back and keeping us from feeling good or productive.

Days when we can’t seem to push past some type of negative energy that, maybe we don’t even understand why we’re feeling it.

On those days, I like to employ something called “tapping.”

Tapping, also known as Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), is a series of movements that help you to release “stuck energy” throughout your body.  Sure — it sounds hokey, and honestly, it is hokey.  But for millions of people, it works.

Although it looks funny, its motives are based in physiological science.  Essentially, you are tapping on nerve centers and connecting those with positive messages to yourself through a set affirmation:

“Even though I am feeling [whatever you are feeling — scared, worried, angry, sad], I still fully and completely accept myself.”

The idea behind it is to create psychological congruency within your body and mind.  You are making everything work together.  Our minds work hard to get us feeling the way we desire, but if our bodies are tense because of something we experienced or felt either recently or a long time ago, we aren’t in full congruency with ourselves.  That means we aren’t productive and will likely have a really hard time getting there.

Once you release that trapped energy through tapping/EFT, your body and mind are aligned, and you can start to move forward.

There’s a great intro video on how to do this on  I think he also has a free ebook you get for signing up for the mailing list.

Check it out, and get back to work!