Small Biz Elevator founder Benjy Portnoy began his career creating web, print, and modern media for companies like BMW, H&R Block, Texas Department of Transportation, Applebee’s, Washington University, and hundreds of small businesses.

He’s funneled these lessons into Small Biz Elevator; a site geared toward every level of small business owner and solopreneur.

SBE features tons of articles, how-to videos, guest authors, interviews with industry experts and more that are designed to give you the edge in:

  • Social Media
  • Building and maintaining your own website
  • Public Speaking
  • Getting Financing
  • Bootstrapping your way to success
  • Using Webinars
  • Outsourcing and Leveraging Your Time
  • Establishing a Positive Mindset
  • Using Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Improving your Negotiation Skills
  • Money Management
  • Time Management
  • Improving Sales and Conversions
  • Tons More

Whether you’re just deciding to go into business for yourself or are already celebrating some degree of success, Portnoy has designed Small Biz Elevator so that you can ratchet yourself up to the next level and continue to grow.

And with that, SBE wants to know about what YOU want to learn.  Please contact us and fill us in on what’s been holding you back or what might help you get past your business stumbling blocks.

In the meantime, SBE’s greatest dream is to help you grow and thrive…WITHOUT having to ever revert to a punch clock.  Get started on your journey to the top through the links at the top of the page.

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