Small Business Elevator founder and “Operator” Benjy Portnoy has been involved in business and client work for over 15 years.  Here’s what his clients have said about his contributions to taking their businesses “to the top floor.”

Lynn Scheurell
Lynn Scheurell mycreativecatalyst.com
Working with Benjy is a gift… he is creative, knowledgeable and makes all the tech stuff that goes into good marketing seem easy. He innovates on the spot, takes the bits I bring in terms of ideas and copy and turns it into something that works on the web and beyond. It’s fast AND we have fun while it’s happening! He’s a rare practical genius. If you are looking for graphic, web, product design or even video production, I highly recommend you jump into the adventure with Benjy – it’s the investment that will pay you back.

Mark Herbert
Mark Herbert thedynamicbody.com
Benjy has been a great help getting me through the technical and creative jungle of getting my web site fully operational and aesthetically pleasing. With his help, I was able to get my site up and running and he created my logo, which I constantly get positive feedback on. He performs complicated site adjustments and keeps me informed about technical updates and statistics. The combination of Benjy’s technical, creative and personal skills make him ideal for my small business needs. Thanks, Benjy!

Annalise Webb Co-Owner of c.l.a.w.
Benjy has been such a pleasure to work with while starting our company. He provided his expert graphic design skills to make our brand pop! He was especially helpful in adding a little extra flair when we needed his creativity. His strong design skills are evident and his ability to listen to what we needed and to execute great results is why we will definitely call on Mouthpiece Media whenever we require his expertise.

Juana Dillon Modern Marketing Group
One thing about Benjy Portnoy that I can always count on is his honesty and integrity. His graphic and internet work is always on par. I know I’m in good hands with him and his ideas. The comfort of knowing I won’t get taken advantage of is priceless.

Sunni Sukumar Contest Crib Sheet

Whatever marketing piece you’re working on, ask yourself 3 questions:

1.) Do you want your marketing to look polished AND sound perfect for YOUR audience? <br>2.) Do you want to work with a true marketer — who just happens to be a brilliant artist too? <br>3.) Do you want someone you can easily reach by email or phone, is reliable, and communicates clearly?

Answered “Yes!” to all 3?

Then it’d be hard to choose anyone BUT Benjy.