Where to Find Content for Websites

Where to Find Content for Websites

Always struggling with content for websites?

A lot of us small business owners have the same quandary; we want and need (more need than want) more content for websites.  The marketing mega-minds out there keep telling us we need to keep things fresh and updated on our sites, but we don’t always know how to find content for websites that actually relates to what we’re doing and that people want to read.

There’s a concept that I seem to keep running into called Content Marketing.  It is just what it sounds — the notion of putting content on websites.  But it’s also the study of where to put it, how often to rotate it around, how to place it on social media without overloading your audience, and all sorts of nonsense that probably induces voluntary narcolepsy in most small business owners.

Hopefully, this will simplify the whole “Content for Websites” thing.

Just found a great free resource through TopRank Online Marketing.  It’s a free ebook called 29 Secrets About Content Marketing and the Undercover Agents Who Shared ThemI just paged through it, and it’s got some fantastic tips on how to do content marketing without driving a spike through your eyeball.

Wow.  That was violent.

At any rate, check it out and see what tips you can pick up to get the whole content monster thing under control.


P.S. We’ve been really impressed with the Presentation Skills Training we’ve been seeing over at Learn To Present.