The Business of Art: Three-Way Interview with Melita Noël Cantú and Starla Halfmann

The Business of Art: Three-Way Interview with Melita Noël Cantú and Starla Halfmann

Ready to talk about the business of being an independent artist?

In the first 20 minutes of this 50-minute interview, Melita Noël Cantú and I discuss the multi-city project that she and her husband have developed called Art on the Roof, a unique, one-night gallery event to highlight and show the work of high-tier artists. We talk about the strategies they’re using to promote the event, as well as some of the business and creative collaborations she has built with galleries, artists, and even government officials in different cities to help promote the event.

Then, I conference in my good friend Starla Halfmann. Starla is an emerging artist who has already built a strong foundation for success, but hasn’t cracked the code to quit her full-time job and live out her artist career full-time.

The three of us discuss:

  • How to create gallery and print sales opportunities for yourself by developing a network of other artists and fans, even if you’re a shoe-gazing introvert who hates leaving your studio
  • Why having a professional-looking website is absolutely essential and can mean the difference between success and failure
  • How leveraging online resources like Pinterest can boost your print sales and introduce you to thousands of new followers and fans
  • Some little-known secrets to putting on your own shows and getting tons of people through the door


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Resources and Follow-Up

Melita (and Javier) Noël Cantú:

Starla Michelle Halfmann

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Interview with Vicki Flaugher of

Interview with Vicki Flaugher of

Forbes Magazine named Vicki Flaugher, of Famous in Your Niche, one of the top 50 social media power influencers.

And rightly so.  Vicki is one of those people who seems to escape every attempt at categorization and pigeon-holing that is thrown at her. She goes out of her way to meet people with whom she disagrees, just to get a new angle on life.

She’s a larger-than-life, blonde techno-diva who gets around town straddling a diesel-spewing hog and engaging everyone she finds.  She’s equally at home with C-Suite Fortune 500 exec’s as she is with Compton-bred, F-Bomb slinging hardcore rap impresarios. She thrives on building corporate and personal brands and is damn good at it. When she speaks, people listen, and they learn.

I made Vicki sit down on my couch one morning and talk to me about…

  • How to build a positive digital reputation that follows you everywhere
  • The right ways to use social media (and why it’s never going away)
  • Why she goes out of her way to meet people she disagrees with
  • How to be an honest marketer without being 100% honest
  • Why being interesting starts with being yourself

Listen up:

Download the MP3 (64 minutes, 59 MB)